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Straight jackets

Our latex clothing is tailor-made, and is made to order for you!

Made within 2/14 days

In the "size tables" tab you will find a list that I need from you when you order.

You will also find advice there on how to measure the measurements.

Certain sizes are required depending on what you order.

Elena Team.

catsuit straight jacket

catsuit straight jacket

A Uni sex Catsuit straight jacket with seven zips, & choices of Latex thickness with a 3 slider ..




a combination of an inflatable Mask, a straightjacket and latex pants. for an optimally locked-in fe..


latex straight jacket
Latex straight jacket white with 10 straps

Latex straight jacket white with 10 straps

A traditional-looking straitjacket for maximum control.This thick jacket has outstretched arms that ..


Latex straight jacket with 3 straps
Latex straightjacket

Latex straightjacket

A standard version of a straitjacket, this top is made of 0.4 mm so can be worn. This is supplied wi..


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